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Whether it is sports apparel with a strong male elements ( Jersey, suit ) two piece tweed suit ( Tweed ), breaking the old values of artificial jewelry, with strong feminist color Camellia totem, or Marylin Monroe in bed only wear -- Chanel No.5, Chanel repeatedly challenged the old system creation a new fashion. Ms. Chanel most is characterized in that the utility 's gorgeous, her capture inspiration from the life around, especially love. Unlike other designers for others with their design, Chanel provides a liberating freedom and choice, clothing design from the viewpoint of male dominated the tide turned women aesthetic autonomy stage. Abandoned the corset, whale bone hoop skirt and long hair, advocate the bag and textiles suit shoulder, Coco Chanel hand dominated the first half of twentieth Century women's style, attitude and way of life, a kind of simple and comfortable luxury new philosophy, as she had said: " the rich or poor, but vulgar ". In 1971 January, Coco Chanel died, at the age of 88. The main designer Karl Lagerfeld is Chanel at the helm in 1986, he played fine, luxurious, never faded popular Chanel spirit with new technique. The Swedish and German descent, always wore black sunglasses of the designer 's most respected place he is with Coco Chanel, are filled with talent and discard the classics and rebel against orthodoxy blood flow. In his first season will dress skirt cut, with bright exaggerated false jewelry, shocked the fashion world, will also Chanel momentum to another peak in the last 20 years. The design of Chanel with a distinct personality, her pursuit of freedom but sentimentally attached to men; her strong and independent yet feminine. Her old home in central France -- Auvergne -- is a dead volcano topography of the poor areas, at the age of seventy she once described himself as " Auvergne only one immortal volcano "; and now, at the new men brand complicated fashion industry, Chanel is still the fashion a never extinguished volcano.

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